Lifelong Wellness

I took two Lifelong Wellness classes at SLCC:

Volleyball–My intermediate volleyball class was fun. I improved my passing and hitting skills, and my serve is much more consistent now. We learned about the 5-1 and the 6-2 offenses. In a 5-1, there is one dedicated setter and five hitters. Even when the setter is in the back row s/he swings up to the net on offense so s/he can set the hitters. In a 6-2, two players on a team are setters and it’s always the person in the  back row who does the setting so the team has three hitters in the front row. My favorite part of the class was when we played three-on-three “King of the Court” matches. Those always got my heart beating fast!

Tennis–I also enjoyed my intermediate tennis class. There were some good players in the class and I enjoyed trying to beat them. The instructor helped me with my volleys and my serves–probably the hardest two things to do well in tennis.

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