Biological Sciences

BIOL 1610--College Biology

I took BIOL 1610 to satisfy the Biological Sciences distribution area of General Education. I also had to take the lab that goes with this class. In fact, the signature assignment for this class was to write up a lab report on one of the eight experiments we did this semester. Here's my lab report. [Not really; this is an unrelated file]

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This assignment helps me demonstrate several of SLCC’s learning outcomes. I think all of the experiments we’ve done this semester are examples of critical thinking and problem solving. First, my partner and I had to figure out what the experiment was all about, then gather our materials and equipment. For this experiment we used….etc. The experiment itself is one step in the scientific method to determine whether the hypothesis that…is supported by the evidence or not. The lab report itself is another demonstration of my ability to communicate effectively in writing. Writing a lab report is quite a bit different than writing a paper about the works of Edgar Allan Poe. For one thing…etc. [Note that a real reflection would be a more detailed description of how the student's performance touched on at least two learning outcomes] 

I’d like to write further on the process of doing this lab experiment–and, indeed, all of the lab experiments we did this semester. We always had a different lab partner for each experiment; sometimes I had good lab partners, and sometimes not. The dynamic of working together in the lab is very interesting….[The student goes on to write about what s/he learned about her/himself through working with different lab partners; the keys to success in working with others; and/or pitfalls to avoid in collaborative work.] I’m inserting a photo of my partner and I working on this particular lab experiment.

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